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Hi Sandy,

This is Mike from Jimmy's Kitchen and Bar. On this past Tuesday, we had an older gentleman who was choking on some food. The staff ran to me and asked me to call 911. No guest in the dining room knew what to do. I told my staff to call 911 and I was going to see what I could do to help. As I ran towards the man I rifled through my mind exactly what I needed to do. Once I got to the man, I realizing that the man was in bad shape and signaled that he couldn't breath. I immediately started the Heimlich maneuver. After the fourth attempt, the food that was lodged in his throat popped out and the man was able to breath again.

I thought you would like to hear yet another success story, thanks exclusively to you and the training you provided me this past Fall.

As you may recall, each time you come in to train our staff, I always take a moment to tell my staff that once they are trained in CPR and with Heimlich that there is as close to 100% chance as possible that each of them will have an opportunity to save a persons life sometime during their life. On this past Tuesday, it was my turn to safe a life and that person is now alive because of the training you provided me.

That having been said, Thank You Sandy for arming me with the ability to make a difference.

Attached is the copy of the inside of the card the man and his son dropped off to me the next day. Having a person tell you that "you saved my life" is about as powerful a statement that a person can ever hear.

All of the best to you Sandy. I know that there will be another calling or two in the future for me. I will once again be ready.

Mike Jennings, Owner of Jimmy's Kitchen and Bar
Hi Sandy,
Just wanted to pass along our compliments and let you know how much Wendy & I enjoyed your BLS course Friday morning. It is a high quality course & your presentation style is exceptional. Your enthusiasm, energy, and good humor make the subject matter "come alive". The material is extremely well organized & very practical. Your hard work, efforts, & expertise are all very much appreciated. Thank you!

Dr. Harrie & Wendy Shearer
....rather than the usual rote memorization of skills, she (Sandra Litman) focuses and teaches content with a friendly, non-threatening and light-hearted approach. Not only will the participants learn the skills of CPR and emergency procedures, they will leave the experience knowing, understanding and remembering the skills. Unsolicited testimonials rave about Sandra’s extraordinary style of teaching, quality of content and participants higher level of competency.

Her courses are life changing and can be life saving.   Dr. James T. Alexander
LifeSavers, their name says it all! They really train you to save lives. I am truly thankful for my experience with LifeSavers. LifeSavers teaches the steps of CPR in a way that is easy to follow and they challenge you to critically think.   Jenna
....The BEST CPR course I've had in 24 years!
....No Intimidation!
...The Instructor was so organized and prepared!
Not only did I learn alot, but I enjoyed myself!
"The Instructor was very knowledgeable and motivating."
Thank you for your outstanding work educating and preparing our staff for emergency life support. Thank you Sandy for your ongoing delivery of a meaningful BLS Course.   Jill Tusung
"Excellent Trainer!"
"Unlike all other CPR classes"
"Loved having one manikin per person!"
You create mental images in my mind that will help me if I am ever faced with the need to give lifesaving assistance to another person. What a generous spirit you have and what a valuable service you provide for humanity.    Sharon Bagallini Johnson
"Such a friendly, relaxed setting."
"Compassion about teaching"
"Upbeat, understanding, and enthusiastic!"

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