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Can anyone register for your courses, or are these only for professionals that require certification?

YES! Everyone is welcome to take our courses.
You do not need to be a working professional / or be certified to benefit from CPR skills.
It is very advantageous to posses these skills should an emergency ever arise.

I need to become certified but I am unsure which course that I need to take?


BLS for Healthcare Professionals / Healthcare Provider: Nurses, dentists, hygienists, nursing students, dental students, physicians, pharmacists, emergency medical technicians, physicians, professional rescuer, respiratory therapists or anyone in the health-care industry required to have CPR training.

Heartsaver AED: All laypersons including daycare providers, warehouse staff, massage therapists, lifeguards, teachers, office staff, church staff, daycare providers, safety committee staff, yoga or fitness instructors, parents or grandparents, scout leaders, etc.

Heartsaver First Aid: Anyone in the lists above who as is also required or feel it is important to have basic First-Aid training. Most daycare providers are required to take this qualifying first aid course at least once.

You can always contact us to discuss your options if you are still unsure. We are always here to help!

I just signed up for a class next week - can I bring a check?

Unfortunately, we no longer accept personal checks, please select an alternate payment method.

We have provided "PayPal" for your convenience.

YES - We do accept Credit / Debit Cards using our Paypal payment method (please read the following paragraph for details.)

PLEASE NOTE: Credit & Debit cards can be used SECURELY using Paypal - even WITHOUT A PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

Instructions for using credit / debit cards on PayPal without a PayPal account can be found on the Paypal website.

Have questions?  Need Answers?  Don't hesitate to contact us!  We are always here to help!