Aligned Instructor Members

Here our members will find all the pertainent information necessary to continue to progress and maintain their certification status.

As a valued member of the LifeSavers CPR professionals, we would like to take this opportunity
to "thank you" for your continued alignment with LifeSavers.

" Without you, there would be less lives saved! "

Instructor Recertification Course Monitoring / Process :

Contact us 2-3 months prior to your Instructor Recertification expiration date. At that time we will schedule a date and time to come and observe your class.
There must be a minimum of (2) two participants in the class. You will also be expected to complete a Skills Test. The fee for your recertification is $100.

If you are needing a Provider Card, you will need to have completed Part-1 (on-line portion) and a fee will be charged for the completion card.

In the event that you do not successfully complete your monitoring, there will be an additional fee of $100 for us to come and do a second monitoring.
If you are unsuccessful at your second monitoring, and further evaluation of your skill level, there’s a possibility that you will not be able to be aligned with LifeSavers training center.

(REMINDER: It is your responsibility to keep track of your Instructor expiration date.)

All Instructors that have joined LifeSavers Training Center will need to be realigned with LifeSavers due January 2020. What does this mean for you? You will need to do the following to stay current and continue to teach any and all American Heart Association Courses. If you do not complete any of the following, you will receive an email from LifeSavers informing you that you no longer are aligned with LifeSavers as your training center and you will not have access to any American Heart Association certification cards.

** Recertification Guidelines **
  • Teach all current AHA guidelines, using all AHA materials, and issuing AHA certification cards.
  • No guessing – if a participant asks you any questions and you do not know the answer – it is your responsibility to find the answer and follow through in getting back to them. This is not only reflective on you, but LifeSavers training center and AHA. Please follow through.
  • Stay current as an AHA certified Instructor. It is your responsibility to keep your Instructor card current. There is NO grace period if you expire.
  • Stay current as an aligned Instructor with LifeSavers. All Instructors fee is due January of even years. Therefore, you will be billed every other year covering a 2 year period. The fee is $120. biannually for 2 yr alignment certification ($60. per year) This fee is for administrative support: postage, office materials and equipment, website maintenance, and office time and service. If payment is not received in full by the end of January, your alignment with LifeSavers will be terminated immediately. (This will be emailed to you before the end of the year.)
  • Use LifeSavers as a resource. AHA has all Instructors aligned with a training center for a support system and resource. Please email LifeSavers with any and all questions you may have. We pride ourselves in getting back to you as soon as possible. If I have not responded to your email within 48 hours, please call my cellular number 612.987.5374.

Thank you,